Monogamy May

Noooooo!!! Damn it, we refuse to give up the month. Ms. Square and I are still alive, doing well and have tons to discuss and record on upcoming episodes.

Unfortunately, we have been crapped on by the Ex’s…again. In a crafty attempt to sabotage our swinger month of May our Ex’s have left town and have radically affected our plans for May. However, we will not go quietly into monogamy. So, we have gotten our calendars together and have salvaged a hand full of days in May and have jammed packed them with upcoming plans to have fun and record….still trying to have Ms. Square allow me to record our having fun…which would be great fun I think.

Please stay tuned, don’t give up….

Love, Hugs & Kisses,
Mr. & Ms. Square

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  1. S & G says:

    Jeeeeezzz… we really feel bad for you two given all the fun that you’re having!!!
    Can’t wait to see you!! Happy May (it’d not that bad, huh???)
    Love, G & S

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