Choosing a web presence for your blog or podcast – part two

Hello Readers (and Listeners),

Welcome to part two of my internet rant and ravings on how to start your own Podcast and/or Blog. In the first post about this I tried to talk about some of the free options you have regarding your internet branding or name. In this post I’d like to tell you the approach I went with, it didn’t coast a lost but it’s more than free.

Before I really begin, I need to confess that the part two post was up for a few days and I received a direct email from a Podcast listener who also checks out the blogs. His comments made me re-think part two and so I pulled down what I had previously posted. Ms. Square and I feel so blessed that we have people who listen to and read the content we are attempting to put out there and we have received a few suggestions about our podcast, website and blogs and we appreciate how people are looking out for us!

I’ll continue with part two with a warning there will be a part three. What I went on to originally say in the post that lived just a few days was…If you do have some budget or want to save up a budget then we recommend that you identify your own internet presence, like You will have to find a web hosting company and they all usually have a way for you to search what domain (.com, .net, .tv) may be available with the name you desire. Another item you want to look for is the ability to single-click or simple-script tools to create your web site; most hosting companies will have something like this but it’s still important to validate, unless you’re a super duper website master and if that’s the case, please email me. HA! In our case to set this up, we used the simple-script installation of WordPress, we didn’t need to know how to program anything or do the fancy web scripting, just answer a few questions and you’re up and running. You can then refine your site over time, which slowly we are.

If you decide to go the route we choose and own your internet web presence then you will need to find a web hosting company and research if your name is available. The web hosting company that we shoose was Bluehost. Like most hosting companies you can look up your domain name right from their site which was what we did.

Now, here is why I pulled down my original post; it was brought to my attention that Bluehost does not allow Adult Content and may suspend your account based on having a site that contains Adult Content. Now, thankfully we don’t have anything on our website that I would consider Adult…yet, but I can tell you that I do want to option to have that. Ms. Square and I have talked about doing different reviews on the blog site. That may be toys, birth control, vacation destinations and anything else that this journey may take us through, in as much detail as Ms. Square will allow. I also have the personality type where I would rather be proactive than forced to be reactive; so I am now on the hunt for a new hosting company for In all honesty, I do have several other web based projects that I’ve started before Ms. Square and I started this journey and they are all hosted with Bluehost with no problems at all for several years. Once I received the email from our Podcast listener and Blog reader and now good friends; it make me rethink the need to read and examine hosting companies Terms of Service (ToS); which is where part three will come in.

I will report back what I’ve found and the next steps that will either be taken or need to be taken. In the meantime, if you think Bluehost will work for you then check it out. In the interest of full transparancy (I’m a big fan of that) we are a BlueHost affilitate and is another way to support the show if you’re planning to setup a site that doesn’t violate their Terms of Service.

Mr. Square

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