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Choosing a web presence for your blog or podcast

Hello readers (and listeners),

After my arm healed from patting myself on my back with my first blog post and shout-out, I realized how out of order it was if you are interested in starting your own Swinger or Lifestyle blog or podcast. Oh well, I guess it’s bound to happen and will probably happen again.

In an attempt to start at the beginning of creating a Blog and / or Podcast you need to select a name for your content. For ours, we have chosen Lifestyle Out Loud and the internet version of When Ms. Square came up with a few name choices for our journal, my job began in searching down what was already taken and what may be available.

Once you have a name, and identify you can create a web presence in a few ways. One way is to reserve a space on someone else’s website such as Blogspot or WordPress where it would look like or The ways I’ve just described are free. Free, free, free which starting out, especially on a budget can be great. As you can probably guess, we didn’t choose this method.

My largest criticism to the method above is the fact that you cannot completely control over how your website looks. What I mean, is that on the free sites they may put a header on top of your site or the bottom of your site with links to go to the next blog or previous blog or to search out other blogs housed within their larger site. It makes me shake my head as the first thing people may see, even before your content, are links to leave your site. What!?!

Since I’m a rambler, I’ve decided to break this post into two. Part two coming in a day or two.

Mr. Square

Our Podcast Artwork

A long overdue shout-out and thank you is owed to a person named “srinivaskorai” who I stumbled across on a web site called Fiverr®.

While doing research on how to get our podcast onto iTunes one of the requirements was podcast artwork 1400×1400. Art and digital photo manipulation are not my strong skills and to be honest I was scratching my head about how to get something created on a super-tight budget. Basically, all my start up money really went into the audio hardware to get the best, most professional sound I could while still not spending a fortune; which I did end up spending more than I had budgeted.

As I did my Google research I knew I needed a professional and couldn’t afford one. I found a few digital photo sites and began learning about digital media rights or the right to use photo’s on your site etc. These were on the affordable end however; I didn’t see anything that really fit what we wanted.

I then found Fiverr® and from there I found srinivaskorai who for $5 United States bucks created our logo from scratch in less than a week! When I made my work request I specified what kind of podcast / website we would have and some of the style we were looking for, however we left the creativity part up to the artist.

The product that was sent to us is what we have been using as our podcast episode art and for $5 bucks, how can you beat that? I will definitely be using Fiverr ® again and srinivaskorai for future art work. For $5 bucks why not try others out too. We may look at experimenting with additional or different logo’s and still need to better brand the web site.

If you are starting a podcast or web project and need affordable services you may want to check out this site. We are happily surprised about what you can get and the speed of delivery for $5 bucks. Amazing.


Mr. Square