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Having a Moment

Hello from Ms. Square!

We are on day two now of catching up on LOL related business. Yesterday was eight hours of replying to emails while Mr. Square diligently edited our most recent podcast (sure do love my hottie geeks!). Woke this morning to more emails and a plan around revamping the website….we are now four hours into that. As I sit here and tidy everything up and reread and respond to the rest of the emails, I am having a moment. Not a little moment but a huge shifting moment (kind of like squirting as apposed to cumming???)….

I/we are so flippin fortunate to be doing this podcast and nurturing such amazing friendships that we would not otherwise have the chance to nurture. Without getting too sappy, I/we would like to say thank you….thank you a million times and then some. We have created something special here…all of us. We couldn’t do it without you!

Now, on to business….

Some things to look forward to:

Give-aways and discount codes, merch, toy reviews, more guests as well as more listener participation.

As always we love your feedback and iTunes reviews. Please keep them coming as it keeps us going!

With gratitude and big wet kisses,

Ms. Square