About Us

About us….hmmmm

Ms. Square and Mr. Square are truly the people next door. We both have kids from previous marriages and have 50% custody. So, every other week we put on our parent hats and every other week we attempt to get our lifestyle on. Thankfully, we have been able to get our custody schedules to closely match up to take as much advantage of our adult time together as possible.

Some people who get to know us are surprised to learn that we aren’t married. Additionally, we don’t live together either. We have been together for almost seven years. Within those (almost) seven we did live together almost right out of the dating gate and did that for four years. It didn’t end bad but didn’t end great either. We decided to live apart and be apart for almost a full year. Towards the end of that year split we were talking more and decided to come back together and had a much better understanding of who we are and what we want. Boundaries became a part of our vocabulary.

We had never been Swingers or had any kind of group sex together or a part even across our individual histories. Through our fantastic bedroom play we started to fantasize about playing with other couples, women and men! That led us to other Podcasts about the lifestyle (Swap Fu, Boris and Doris, Swingercast) and we started to learn about how to get started. We had no idea.

Another thing we discussed from listening to a few Swap Fu episodes was our desire to document our journey from the start through podcasting and Lifestyle Out Loud was born. We aren’t audio professionals, trying to figure things out on the fly and have decided to keep things unscripted and true to feeling discussion about our journey. We are committed to sharing with you the good, bad, sexy and ugly stories that we experience in our Lifestyle journey together.

Much Love & Kisses,
Mr. & Ms. Square
SquareRootofSex (Kasidie, LifestyleLounge, SDC)