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Kick-Ass Challenge

Well, better late (very late) than never! Here is the lovely artwork from Ms. Square. This was all her idea! While the kick-ass challenge remains to be a challenge for us both to start at the same time, we have done some of the activities. Ms. Square and I are not big into gyms but we are into Yoga and working out at home with kettlebells, jump ropes and the basics of home fitness.

Getting in better shape is one of the many benefits of being in the Lifestyle. While we are relatively in shape, we would like to get fitter. Especially since we plan on heading out to Desire at some point and while there wearing clothing a little as possible.

Hope you enjoy and one day I may figure out how to post this as an interactive spreadsheet so we can all track our activities together!

Enjoy! Mr. Square

Kick-Ass Challenge

Kick-Ass Challenge

011 – Lifestyle Out Loud – It’s Alive


Episode 11 – It’s Alive

* Ms. Square Travels * Email – Twitter comments * Black Ring – Right Hand * Huge Meet and Greet * Kick your ass challenge * What’s next!

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Staying true to ourselves and the previous episodes, these are our experiences and brought to you unscripted. Straight talk about our new experiences with starting the swinging lifestyle.

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