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003 – Lifestyle Out Loud – Did you cover your box?


This episode is hot, hot, hot! In Episode 3: We are sleep deprived and recovering after a surprising evening! We cover:

* What does it mean to host
* Single Guys & the Lifestyle
* Reconnecting after swinging

Join us and as always, please leave feedback. Thank you for going on this jouryney with us!

Mr. & Mrs. Square

002 – Lifestyle Out Loud – Navigating Jealous Waters!


Episode 2 is finally out! In this episode Mr. & Ms. Square talk about:

* Podcast Soup
* Our individual histories with Swinging
* Green-eyed monster of jealousy
* Booty Call Revisited

and so more! We have so many topics to cover as well as a few upcoming adventures. However, we would love your feedback. Please do reach out to us via any of our contact methods and always, you can leave comments to the individual episodes. Discuss!

Happy Holidays to everyone and our best!

Mr. & Ms. Square

001 – LifestyleOutLoud – How did we get here?


Finally, Episode 1 is available. In this Episode we discuss starting our journey into the Lifestyle and swinging. We are so excited to be finally recording our start that we get into just about everyting including:

* Our first Meet & Greet

* Our first House Party!

* Our first Booty Call (what!)

and so much more. We are still figuring out how to podcast, blog and electronically document our journey but one thing is for sure; we will only get better. Stick with us and stay tuned and please, do leave us some feedback.

Mr. & Ms. Square

Coming soon…

Hello and thanks for visiting. Please do check back soon. We are in the process of setting up this site and bits of additional setup remaining. We are getting access to a podcast studio and creating the content (our story) to share with you. We also can’t wait to hear your stories as well, don’t worry the names will be changed to protect the innocent; ok and the not-so-innocent.