014 – Lifestyle Out Loud – A Single Man’s Perspective


Episode 14 – Finally, Mr. B joins us in Square Studios for a fun, funny, tangent filled dive into what it’s like being a single man in the lifestyle. We know this episode is a bit long but we didn’t want to break this up into a two-part episode release. Sit back, excuse the tangents and laughter and please enjoy our very first Lifestyle Out Loud interview with Mr. B.

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Staying true to ourselves and the previous episodes, these are our experiences and brought to you unscripted. Straight talk about our new experiences with starting the swinging lifestyle.

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  1. PairAmours says:

    Another fine episode in #14! Mr. B sounds like a great guy and the kind of single male that we would enjoy spending time with.

    However, we disagree with your conclusions about anonymous certifications and testimonials. Can they be abused? Certainly. But so can anonymity. Certs are a form of product reviews, and phony anonymous reviews are endemic on the Internet. Named certs provide some level of accountability; the more there are, the greater weight they carry. Anonymous certs, on the other hand, would be of zero value to us and, we suspect, most other site members.

    The scenario described by Mr. B would be unfortunate and inappropriate on the part of the instigator, but the correct response is for everyone else to apply common sense and courtesy. If some stranger told me something negative about someone I’ve certified, I’d be more likely to believe my own experience than the words of a stranger. And I certainly wouldn’t provide any feedback for further abuse by the stranger.

    The fact is that certs work. That’s why sites have them and why people use them. Making them anonymous would eliminate an important safety feature for everyone in the lifestyle.

    • Mr. Square says:

      Fantastic comment and thank you so much! We were so confused early on in our lifestyle journey as to why someone wouldn’t want a couple to use their profile name attached to a review or testimonial and we never had even considered what Mr. B had described happened to him. When we heard his story and reasoning it made so much sense; with that said, we also understand the position and risk that you bring up.

      Part of what we really love about all this is no two people, couples or experiences are the same. We are with you in that if someone reached out to us and was badmouthing someone that we left a testimonial for we wouldn’t apply this new persons actions to the profile where we left the testimonial. In fact, we haven’t looked about the sites enough to know about blocking people, emails, etc but we think we wouldn’t be inclined to block the profile of the unsolicited badmouthing or negativity. Phew, so much for a quick reply which is what we intended and I’m sure we’ll talk about the feedback that has been pouring in since we released our talk with Mr. B.

      So, thank you, thank you for taking the time to comment and listen to our rants.

      Mr. & Ms. Square

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