011 – Lifestyle Out Loud – It’s Alive


Episode 11 – It’s Alive

* Ms. Square Travels * Email – Twitter comments * Black Ring – Right Hand * Huge Meet and Greet * Kick your ass challenge * What’s next!

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Staying true to ourselves and the previous episodes, these are our experiences and brought to you unscripted. Straight talk about our new experiences with starting the swinging lifestyle.

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Mr. and Ms. Square

PS: Check out http://swapfu.blogspot.com/p/black-ring-right-hand.html


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  2. PairAmours says:

    We bought 2 black rings on Amazon:



    The mesh one seems suited for kink environments. :)

    We’re still debating when to wear them. We’d like to wear them all the time, but we’re not sure how to explain them to our grown kids. Our cover story is that they serve to remind us that we won’t live forever. What if one of our kids decides they think that’s a great idea and start wearing their own? And then a lifestyler asks them about it?

    What tangled webs we weave when we’re just trying to have some fun! Maybe we should just come out!

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