010 – Lifestyle Out Loud – Swinging Vampires


Episode 10 – Swinging Vampires

* Kick-Ass Challenge
* Ms. Square picks on Mr. Square
* Meet and Greet Vampires
* Lifestyle Birthday Party
* Upcoming Events

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Staying true to ourselves and the previous episodes, these are our experiences and brought to you unscripted. Straight talk about our new experiences with starting the swinging lifestyle.

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Much Love & Kisses,

Mr. and Ms. Square

One comment

  1. As always,
    So much fun to listen to your podcast.
    We started in November, same as you guys, but we went directly to the local club and a great couple popped our cherries that first day.
    Since then, every time we go to the club, we’ve been lucky and have had great full swap experiences and met great people.
    We only go to the Meet and Greets when we see that everyone on SDC is attending the M&G and therefore there won’t be much action at the club.
    Yes, it’s fun, yes you meet people, but many times it doesn’t go beyond the conversations.
    As you, we have kids, so we want to take advantage of the precious time we have.

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