006 – Lifestyle Out Loud – Taking the Pill by the horns


Finally Episode 6 is available! In this episode we touch on:

* Haven’t seen each other in a while
* What we’ve been up to
* Emails
* What it takes to meet someone new
* Listener Feedback
* New swinging adventures to come…


Staying true to ourselves and the previous episodes, these are our experiences and brought to you unscripted. Straight talk about our new experiences with starting the swinging lifestyle.

We really hope you enjoy and please leave us some feedback directly or on iTunes. Leaving us a review on iTunes will help others to find us!

Thank you all!

Mr. and Ms. Square


  1. Dear Mr and Ms Square,

    While I work I listen to your podcasts and I’m enjoying all of them.

    Listening to your birth control problem, I want to tell you about a great experience I just had.

    I’m 45 years old and I’ve been having a horrible anemia due to heavy bleeding during my periods. The doctor recommended NOVASURE – an endometrial ablation. Link here: http://www.novasure.com/info/novasure-and-heavy-periods/novasure-faqs.cfm
    This procedure is for women who are not wanting to have more children, so the doctor recommended to do a tubal ligation during the same procedure.
    The surgery took 40 minutes, the recovery really took a couple of days, with minor pain and discomfort, but I did take it very easy not doing heavy energy or lifting heavy things for 2 weeks.
    I was not aloud to have intercourse for 2 weeks which was really a torture for us!
    However, now I have NO PERIODS, and no need to take pills or any other type of birth control. My hormones are doing great because this procedure doesn’t mess up with your hormones and your ovulation.
    Sex drive is the same or even more.
    As a note, I am sort of a granola mom, never take antibiotics, medicines, etc, so to make a decision to have a surgery was huge. I don’t regret one bit.
    You may want to consult with your doctor about it.

    Those were my 2 cents.
    Keep your great job guys!

    Señora Swinger

    • Mr. Square says:

      Señora Swinger,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! I’m still trying to get Ms. Square on the site directly to reply but I wanted to let you know she and I did read your comment and have examined the site you listed. Ms. Square is still dealing with issues related to her IUD and speaking with her doctor about options, including the one you listed.

      It means so much to her and I to hear from you and the openess to share your experience with us!


      Mr. Square (& Ms. Square)

    • Mr. Square says:

      Dear Senora Swinger,

      My sincerest apology for not getting back to you sooner. I am so bad with technology plus I had a recent move that kind of through things in flux.
      Please know you have been on my mind and I so appreciate all the feedback and stellar advice! You are a doll for taking the time to describe your own feminine
      challenges and the “fix”. Ironically, I was talking with a friend recently who could not say enough about the ablation process. I have an appointment on Monday
      to talk with the OBGYN and hopefully secure an appointment for the procedure ASAP.

      I too am a bit of a “granola” mama and rarely put anything in my body that isn’t mostly natural. The morena decision was a hard one but was “sold” to me as a
      wonderful thing and since I was just entering the Lifestyle I was all on board. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one that it worked for. My body hated it. I have just recently…since July stopped bleeding because I am taking two pills a day. Something that I don’t feel great about but the absence of my period both physically and emotionally is a welcomed thing.

      Thank you so much for listening to the podcast as well! I don’t speak a whole lot of Spanish (yo estudia in Espana por un mes solomente). Im going to try though and see if
      I can find my way thru it. I think it is fantastic that you are filling a very needed podcast role. I loved hearing the shout out from Swap Fu’s for all of us!

      May I ask where are you two located?

      Hope this finds you happy and satisfied!
      Ms. Square

  2. mr2Hot says:

    You two (squared :-)) are doing a great job with the podcast. Like Mr Square, I have consumed an enormous number of Lifestyle podcasts in my intellectual exploration of the “Lifestyle”, some that are long “out of print”. I thought I would share a few observations on the experiences you have shared. It’s so great that you are doing that, and I think it is interesting to compare to other new podcaster/lifestylers that I have heard, as well as to our own explorations.

    – The first thing that strikes me as very unique is how quickly you dove in, with MFM no less. Mr Square is a very cool guy to be OK with that. Fascinating!

    – My 2nd observation (through Episode 6), is the degree to which you are goal oriented! LOL.. typical of the Bay Area I suppose.

    Other podcasters have also said that their primary motivation for entering the Lifestyle was that they wanted to “fuck other people”, and/or see their partner with someone else. What stands out in your podcasts is how much an issue it appears to be that Mr Square (so far) has not. I guess for us that has not really been an issue, since we didn’t have any goals other than exploring, and we have only been soft swap to this point. Listening to your discussions on this, it is somewhat concerning that it could become a bigger issue for you. Every couple approaches this wonderful life differently, but I hope you remember it’s not the destination, it’s the journey! As we have begun chronicling on our blog, the “non-pentrative” encounters we have shared have been incredibly hot.

    – Have fun and keep them coming :-)
    p.s. Great advice on the separate lifestyle email address, and the Google Voice number. We have done the same for quite a while. Works great!

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