001 – LifestyleOutLoud – How did we get here?


Finally, Episode 1 is available. In this Episode we discuss starting our journey into the Lifestyle and swinging. We are so excited to be finally recording our start that we get into just about everyting including:

* Our first Meet & Greet

* Our first House Party!

* Our first Booty Call (what!)

and so much more. We are still figuring out how to podcast, blog and electronically document our journey but one thing is for sure; we will only get better. Stick with us and stay tuned and please, do leave us some feedback.

Mr. & Ms. Square


  1. Rb83 says:

    LOVE the podcast!! You exude chemistry, intelligence and charm. Just started listening – looking forward to catching up. Would love to hear more details on the transition from pillow-talk fantasies to the “broad daylight” discussion on opening up. Thanks for your immediately positive contribution.

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